2014-12-10 · Taqiyya and kitman permits Muslims to lie, deceive and cheat. We now see that the culprit is not Muslims as people, but the CULPRIT IS Islam ITSELF , a cult that causes such destruction all over the world.



Today, although both are practiced by Sunnis and Shia alike, it's their use by Shi'ites that presents the greatest threat to counter-terrorism and political discourse. There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. The Qur’an: TAQIYYA ~ KITMAN. Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wits for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honor on their own account and vice versa for their opponents. What is Taqiyya?

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”moderata” muslimer svårt att förstå på grund av den Islamiska praktiseringen av Taqiyya och Kitman vilka har för avsikt att lura och vilseleda icke-muslimer för  "Kitman ja taqiyya" ei ole varsinaista uskontoa Islamne on fiqhse on tapalakiotteita ja ne ei ole Koraanissa eikä myöskään sunnassaon  inte syftet med att ljuga är att ”släta över skillnader.” Det finns fyra former för att ljuga inför icke-muslimer; taqiyya kitman, muruna och tawriya. Taqiyya & Kitman – Lögner för att dölja islamistiska tankar http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taqqiyya · http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/011-taqiyya.htm. is good in the Universe! Ooh I almost forgot, Taqiyya/Kitman ( deception of the Kaffurs by any means, like going against the Hippocratic oath).

Deception Taqiyya Kitman | Jihad On Sharia Category Archives: Deception Taqiyya Kitman Taqiyya and Kitman are Arabic words for the traditional practice of deception.

Det finns två former för att ljuga inför icke-muslimer – taqiyya och kitman. SD i Partille upprepar myten: Ordet ”al-Taqiyya”, (taqiah, Al-takeyya, 

lying in islam. This also known as takeyya, taqiyya, ketman, kitman and other spellings.

taqiyya-kitman -5 points-4 points-3 points 3 years ago Man, you can't be that dumb. The fidelity of the prediction failed when every single fucking fake news media outlet had the same biased predictions which turned out wrong.

Under taqiyya är  OK, kul! Glöm inte att läsa på om kitman och taqiyya.

Taqiyya kitman

Pronounced “tack-ee-ah” Strictly, Taqiyya is a Shi’a doctrine, but Sunni Islam has its equivalent “Muda’rat”. For some reason, in the West (at least amongst non-Muslims), the doctrine is more widely known as Taqiyya. Kitman is a parallel concept to taqiyya, in that it emphasizes hiding one's true intentions, particularly the bad ones. Both of these are not isolated tenets of Islam, but are essential religious obligations if, by using them, they are intended to protect a fellow Muslim in danger -- even if that danger is minimal or even hypothetical in nature.
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KITHMAN Kithman means to conceal or withhold, In the context of Islam it means to deliberately withhold information. The act of deliberately withholding information by itself is neither haram nor halal but rather its permissiblity depends upon the Denne man använder sig av de i de muslimska skrifterna beskrivna lögnerna taqiyya och kitman. Dessa lögner finns utförligt beskrivna i denna länk. Hans svar kan klassificeras som taqiyya, eller den direkta lögnen. Att det rör sig om rena lögner framgår av följande.

Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to "smooth over differences." Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true and Kitman - Lying by omission. This term is spelt variously; “taqiyyah”, “takiya” or “taqiyya”. “Takiya (A.), caution, fear (see glossarium to Tabari S.V. T-K-A) pr kitman, “disguise” is the technical term for dispensation from the requirements of religion under compulsion or threat of injury.” taqiyya_kitman -2 points-1 points 0 points 1 year ago What surprises me about these sorts of pictures is that it is mostly business as usual.
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Taqiyya was developed to protect Shi'ites who were usually in minority and under pressure. In the Shi'a view, taqiyya is lawful in situations where there is overwhelming danger of loss of life or property and where no danger to religion would occur thereby.

Taqiyya, or not showing their faith openly by means of pretense, dissimulation, or concealment, is a special type of LYING which is taught and used by Shi'a Muslims, cf. Sunni Muslims and Taqiyya. "Taqiyya" (or taqiyyah) is related to the terms "taqwa'" and "taqi'" - all have the root meaning of "guarding" something, in this case, the Islamic faith. Taqiyya and Kitman - There appears to be some interest, as well as confusion among those who do not understand the Qur'an about the doctrines of taqiyya and kitman.

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In fact, deception in Islam via Taqiyya, Tawriya, Kitman and Muruna is richly rewarded. Thus, it is impossible to see through Islamic smoke and mirrors without fully internalizing Islam’s tenets, thereby, stripping off ones western lenses.

Thus, it is impossible to see through Islamic smoke and mirrors without fully internalizing Islam’s tenets, thereby, stripping off ones western lenses. 2005-03-04 · Taqiyya and kitman or ‘holy hypocrisy’ has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defence and concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said: ‘he who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives.’ Taqiyya and kitman are obscure words that were only found in any real significance in old Shi’ite texts, mostly in regards to situations of mass religious persecution. Today, these two words have fallen into utter disuse and are only invoked by Islamophobes.

Det kallas kitman [96] eller taqiyya [97], vilket kan tolkas som temporärt falskspel, som syftar till att flyga under radarn tills man kan överta samhället. Radikal 

2015 La Taqiya, Au sens strict est une forme de dissimulation de l'identité du musulman; une dissimilation au service d'une « autodéfense »; une  Feb 10, 2018 Trump is an idiot. Here are four words that "Islam is peace" Kool-Aid drinkers should (and do) avoid learning: tawriya, taqiyya, kitman, muruna. Inom olika delar av islam är Taqiyya en islamisk juridisk term som under olika förhållanden tillåter en muslim att ljuga enligt Sharialagarna.

Det är påbjudet inom islam att ljuga och  (I sådana fall kan det handla om Taqiah, al-Taqiyya, Al-takeyya, Al-taqiyah, kitman). Vi kan studera nedanstående muslimska källor. 1.